TSMC Special Board of Directors Meeting Resolutions

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C., April 22, 2021 – TSMC (TWSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) today held a special meeting of the Board of Directors, which passed the following resolutions:

1. To attract and retain corporate executives and to link their compensation with shareholders’ interests and ESG achievements, the board approved the issuance of no more than 2,600,000 common shares of employee restricted stock awards (RSAs) for the year 2021, which will be submitted to the 2021 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting for approval.

2. Approved capital appropriation of US$2,887.0 million (approximately NT$79,392.5 million) for the purpose of installing mature technology capacity.

TSMC Spokesperson

Wendell Huang
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

TSMC Deputy Spokesperson

Nina Kao
Public Relations Division
Tel:886-3-5636688 Ext.7125036