TSMC 2023 Supply Chain Management Forum Presents Awards to Outstanding Suppliers

HSINCHU, Taiwan, R.O.C, Dec. 7, 2023 - TSMC (TWSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) today held its 2023 Supply Chain Management Forum and presented awards to outstanding supplier partners in gratitude for their support and outstanding contributions throughout the past year. Facing social, economic and geopolitical challenges in the global supply chain, TSMC worked hand-in-hand with supply chain partners to overcome obstacles and achieve operational resilience. This collaboration enabled TSMC to successfully optimize and expand production capacity for specialty and advanced process technologies including 3nm, as well as R&D for 2nm and beyond. Their support also allowed TSMC to effectively deploy its global manufacturing footprint, unleashing customers’ innovation with leading technology and outstanding manufacturing services.

This year’s forum was centered around the theme of sustainability, with TSMC’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources and ESG Committee Chairperson Lora Ho delivering the keynote speech. The forum also featured a panel discussion for the first time, inviting industry experts to discuss the topic of "Unleashing Supply Chain Power to Transform the World”. Breakout sessions covered issues including equipment, raw materials, spare parts, information technology and facility engineering, generating spirited discussion on quality improvement and sustainable development in the supply chain.

“The invaluable contributions of our suppliers have been instrumental in establishing TSMC as the industry leader it is today. Through collaboration and innovation, we have shown resilience and adaptability in navigating difficult times,” said TSMC CEO, Dr. C.C. Wei. “To maintain our leading position, we will continue to rely on the unwavering support of our suppliers to maintain stable quality performance, accelerate technology collaboration, and successfully implement advanced nodes in the future.”

"TSMC is expanding its global footprint, and it is not an easy task. However, the journey has inspired us to be more open-minded and to embrace the challenges," said TSMC Senior Vice President, Information Technology and Materials & Risk Management/Chief Information Security Officer, J.K. Lin. “I would like to express my gratitude to all our partners for working with TSMC towards our common goals. For TSMC, success is not achieved alone, and we are happy to be with you during this period. Let’s walk side by side on this journey.”

During the event, TSMC CEO, Dr. C.C. Wei, presented the 2023 Excellent Performance Award to commend suppliers with outstanding performance in technology collaboration, global production support, green manufacturing, fab construction management, production capacity, quality control and other categories. He also thanked suppliers for delivering timely and high-quality professional services to drive continuous improvement of the supply chain and related industries. 

The list of winners of the 2023 TSMC Excellent Performance Award is as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Applied Materials, Inc.-Excellent Technology Collaboration
  • ASM International-Excellent Global Production Support 
  • C SUN MFG., LTD-Excellent Production Support
  • Chang Chun Petrochemical Co., Ltd.-Excellent Production Support and Green Manufacturing in Chemical
  • DISCO Corporation-Excellent Production Support
  • Gold Stone Development Co., Ltd.-Excellent Performance in New Fab Construction
  • KAJIMA CORPORATION-Excellent Performance in New Fab Construction
  • KLA Corporation-Excellent Technology Collaboration
  • Lam Research Corporation-Excellent Technology and Global Production Support
  • Lasertec Corporation-Distinguished EUV Mask Inspection and Metrology Collaboration
  • Marketech International Corp.-Excellent Performance in New Fab Construction
  • Merck-Excellent Technology Collaboration and Production Support in Precursor
  • Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. LTD-Excellent Technology Collaboration and Production Support in Litho Material
  • SHINY CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD-Excellent Production Support and Green Manufacturing in Chemical
  • SUMCO CORPORATION-Excellent Production Support in Silicon Wafer
  • Sunlit-Excellent Global Capacity Establishment in Chemical
  • Taiwan Puritic Corp.-Excellent Performance in New Fab Construction
  • TOKYO ELECTRON LIMITED-Excellent Technology Collaboration
  • Uangyih Tech Industrial Co., Ltd.-Excellent Performance in New Fab Construction
  • ULVAC, Inc.-Excellent Production Support

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